Friday, October 20, 2017

11 Workshops & Presentations at CCC + LGBTQ Summit

Programs at the CCC + LGBTQ Summit cover many diverse topics, presented by CCC students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as community organizations.Two workshop sessions are scheduled for the afternoon, to be followed by Caucus spaces.

Read the full descriptions here of the following programs:

  1. First Person Plural: Using LGBT+ Literature to Affirm and Connect POC Students in a Rural Community
  2. Getting Started: Creating Space for QTPoC on Campus
  3. It IS a Big Deal: The Impact of Microaggressions on LGBTQ Mental Health and Academic Success
  4. LGBTQ Sensitivity for Faculty
  5. Make it Work: Creatively Leveraging District Resources
  6. Non-Binary Identities Workshop: Bridging the Gaps of Gender Diversity
  7. Point Foundation - Leadership Through Scholarship
  8. The Spectrum Archives: Narratives of Courage
  9. Teaching Narcissism – Pedagogical Approaches for Classroom Queer Spaces
  10. Trans-Minded: A Deeper Understanding of Transgender and Gender Diverse Students
  11. We’re here, we’re queer: Queering Academia

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